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Al-Hamidhiyyah is an Arabic college which located in Hapugastalawa, a small town in the Nuwara Eliya District in Sri Lanka .


It was formed in the year 2000 October 29th of Shahban  at1:10 pm with the Dua of several prominent Islamic scholars of Sri Lanka. Initially the college was started with 17 student and one ustadh at the Masjidunoor Jummah Masjidh.


Within a short period of time, Al-hamdullillah, the madras was able to have a 3 storied beautiful building built with the effort of the management of al-Hamidhiyyah and with the generous donations streamed from the selfless wealthy personals in the area.


At the moment the Madrassa consist of hifl and Sharia sections. Also, currently there are 63 students in the Sharia section and 30 students in the Al-Quraan memorization section.

Also the Madrassa has a staff of 13 Ustadhs and 3 casual workers.


Students of the sharia section are presently thought English, Tamil and Sinhala languages with Computer Lessons.


It is remarkable that there are many students who have completed the Quraan memorization within a short period of time. Even there are students who have completed the memorization of the whole Quraan within a single year. Altogether there are more than 70 students who have completed the Quraan memorization at the moment.


It is a pleasant to see that these students who have finished the Al-Quraan memorization are conducting Tharaweeh prayers in and around Hapugastalawa.


On the 18th of last July the Madrassa had conducted it’s inaugural convocation ceremony grandly with the participation of the prominent Ulamas, Donors and the well-wishers of the country. 6 Ulamas and 59 Hafils were convocated in the ceremony.


The necessary arrangements are being taken to include the G.C.E. O/L syllable in the near future.





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